Building 118th Congress Congressional Districts from Census Tracts

I am using the ACS to produce some demographic statistics by Congressional District (CD), based on the districts drawn for the 118th Congress. The ACS data tool ( is still using boundaries from the 116th Congress. The smallest geography that can be extracted from the ACS data tables is census tract, so I am attempting to sum up census tracts by congressional district.

To do this, I used the GeoCorr tool at the Missouri Census Data Center ( to generate a crosswalk from census tracts to CDs. This gives me factors to apply when a census tract crosses multiple CDs. But that gives me multiple records for such census tracts, causing a many-to-many merge situation when I try to merge this crosswalk with the ACS tract-level data.

First, is this the best way to go about constructing 118th Congress district-based estimates from the ACS?

Second, how should I resolve the many to many merge?

Thank you!

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