B99087 vs S2303 (I am confused - workers and non workers)



Population 16-64 = 37,762

Did not work = 10,434 which is NOT from the 37,762 (I first assumed ) its from a total workforce of 27,328 (add all the weeks worked rows)   which total is not in S2303 (I think???)

When they leave out a number like this (total workforce) you want to subtract or divide etc. from the total number at the top, its easy to assume and make mistakes.



Total = 14,567  ??  workers generally refer to 16-64 so that should be apples to apples ?

So 14,567+10,434 = 25,001, so the gap would be 65+ and working?

I usually try to cross-check any assumptions on a table with data from another table to make sure I'm not completely messing up.

I assume   Workforce = 27,328 and gap from B99087 is 65+

Any feedback is appreciated.


  • From S2303, the # of workers 16-64 who live in Autauga AL (worked at anytime in the last year) is 27,328. Another 10,434 did not work. Together, this totals 37,762, the top-line number.

    Table B99087 similarly refers to workers but for all ages 16+ and is counting only those who report their workplace geography as in Autauga. It looks like the number of residents who commute out for work (possibly into Montgomery AL) exceeds the number who commute in from other counties. So the number of workers who work there is less.