Average Household Size by Race at the county level?

Where can I obtain the 2020 Census data for Average Household Size by Race at the county level? Thank you in advance.

  • Official average household size data from the 2020 Census--that link the person and housing unit files--have not yet been published. Those data will be published for the nation and states with the SDHC products later this year.

    That said, it is possible to calculate average household size by race/ethnicity using data found in the Demographic and Housing Characteristics files (DHC). But there are some challenges to keep in mind when working with the DHC data for calculating average household size because the person file and housing unit file are processed independently. (For an explanation, see the IMPLAUSIBLE AND IMPOSSIBLE RESULTS section of this brief https://www2.census.gov/library/publications/decennial/2020/census-briefs/c2020br-02.pdf.)

  • Thank you for your response. Given the unavailability of decennial data at the county level, it seems we need to calculate it ourselves. Our challenge is that we can't locate data for household population by race in the current Census 2020 dataset. An alternative approach could be to subtract the group quarter population by race from the total population by race. However, we're facing the issue of missing group quarter population data by race.

    Hence, our query is: how can we find the household population by race or the group quarter population by race at the county level? Any guidance on this would be highly appreciated.

  • Table PCT13: SEX BY AGE FOR THE POPULATION IN HOUSEHOLDS comes in race/ethnicity iterations PCT13A through PCT13I. This might be what you are looking for.

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