2013 Summary File Michigan Small Geos Missing Values?

Hello fellow users,

I recently downloaded the 2013 5yr ACS summary file for Michigan, Tracts and Block Groups Only. You can access these files here: https://www2.census.gov/programs-surveys/acs/summary_file/2013/data/5_year_by_state/. I am interested in table B25002 (Occupancy status for  housing units) particularly, so I am looking particularly at e20135mi0102000.txt and m20135mi0102000.txt. Oddly enough, I find that all table shell values are missing! This issue appears to be affecting the sequences 85-102. I tried downloading a second time and saw the same results. 

Does anyone else observe this? Is there are a rationale for these missing values? How could I access information for small geographies in Michigan from 2013 5 yr estimates for housing-related tables? 

Thank you for any insight you can provide! 

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