Requesting information on race/ethnicity percentage by zip code

Hello Everyone,

I am PhD student and is in dire need of help regarding data. I am looking for data on percentage of race/ethnicity in a specific zip code. In other words, data that gives information on percentage of various race/ethnicity  in a specific zip code.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Hi, 

    If you have a specific zip code in mind, the easiest thing would be to use  The exact table you want is most likely B03002: Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race, which gives you estimates for non-Hispanic white, non-Hispanic Black, ... as well as Hispanic or Latino, broken down by race.

    In order to get the data by zip, go to this link ( and then do the following (highlighted in the linked screenshot): 

    1. Use the dropdown under the table name to change the vintage to 2022: ACS 5-year rather than 2022: ACS 1-year.  Zip, tract, block group, and other fine levels of geography have to pool together multiple years worth of data in order to get good small area estimates.

    2. This will enable the ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (sometimes referred to as ZCTAs) to be selected in the left panel under Geography. From there, navigate to the state, and then use search to get to the ZCTA.

    Some notes:

    • exact zip code not there?  Could be because zips are designed for mail delivery for the postal service and are assigned to addresses (points) and streets (lines). ZCTAs are derived polygons based on those points and lines, in order to tabulate data up to. There are some some differences in the USPS zip code list vs. the census bureaus ZCTA list.
    • If you truly just want race, and not Hispanic Origin as well, you could use table B02001 instead.
    • Yes, you will have to calculate the percentages based on the estimates. Use the arrows to collapse the table as you want, and go from there.