Researching businesses in the St. Louis, MO area

I apologize in advance if this a dumb question.  

I am doing some research of 4 specific areas in St. Louis, specifically Florissant, Spanish Lake, Black Jack and Hazelwood.  Spanish Lake and Black Jack are considered an unincorporated part of St. Louis- they do not have their own P.O. box and so those two will sometimes these two areas will show zipcodes from Florissant or St. Louis proper.

I've done quite a bit of research from the Census tables and usually find what I need, as my previous research has always been statistical in nature, i.e. population, demographics, workforce, household data, etc.  

My question is this.  Is it possible to get a list of the actual businesses, their addresses and any other publicly available information from the Census tables?  Or, is there another DB whether free or subscription based that would be better for getting this information?

Thank you in advance for your help!