Update your bookmarks: PUMS has a new section on census.gov/acs!

We have some exciting news, which is that we redesigned the PUMS section of census.gov/acs! You can navigate to it from the "Microdata" tab on the left-hand navigation from the ACS home page. This new section serves as a one-stop shop for PUMS and allows for PUMS data, documentation, and resources to live in one place. The redesign also allows for us to feature helpful resources, such as the PUMS handbook (released in April of this year), webinars, and more resources about using PUMS with the microdata access tool on data.census.gov



PUMS data is now located under "Accessing PUMS Data" and technical documentation is located under "PUMS Documentation." We also have a revamped page of data.census.gov resources, "How to Use PUMS on data.census.gov." Any previous links that you have bookmarked will redirect to the new PUMS landing page until at least after data release season is over for 2019 1-year and 5-year PUMS.