Population density at census tract level

I am looking for the population density (e.g. persons per square mile) over all US census tracts. Would anyone be able to point me to a link to find this? I have spent many hours looking through the ACS and Census sites and am unable to find this data.

I alternatively would be able to compute population density by getting population count and area for all census tracts but am finding it hard to get the latter at the census tract level. Thanks!

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  • That was super useful Stas, thanks.

    I managed to get the population density at the tract level for 2010 Census thanks to your guidance, however downloading the Census Planing Database for the 2000 census, doesn't allow to get the population density estimates (missing the area land variable) and I also need to get that info.

    I've been spending some hours looking for it, but cannot find a simple method to do so. Any ideas?