Determining number of own children for a subset of the population

Hi all, 

This feels like a straight-forward question but I'd like to confirm. I'm currently using the person-level ACS 1-year file for 2018. I work in R. Anyway, we're interested in developing some population estimates for Opportunity Youth, which are identified as 1. simultaneously unemployed and not in school, and 2. between the ages of 16-24. 

I did the following: 

1. Used ESR (employment status recode) is either 3 or 6 to identify individuals that were unemployed / not working.

2. Used SCH to identify individuals that aren't enrolled in school. 

3. Used AGEP to identify individuals that fit within that 16-24 years of age category. 

I used the intersection of these three characteristics to create a flag that characterizes a given respondent (is that equivalent to each row in a file?) as an opportunity youth, or as not an opportunity youth. 

That said, if I wanted to know how many children opportunity youth have, would I just tabulate the NOC variable? Or is there something about relationships between rows / responses that I need to be concerned with? This feels really straight forward to me, but perhaps this might not be the right approach. I'm understanding this as, if we identify Row 1 as an opportunity youth, and look at the NOC variable and it says 3, then that means that that Opportunity Youth has three children either by birth, marriage (step-children), or adoption. 

Like, even without identifying opportunity youth, if I was interested in knowing the number of children a person has, would I just tabulate NOC? 

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