MDAT- Margin of Error - Custom Tables

Christmas Greetings to one and all !

Is there any way to calculate the Margin Of Error (MOE) for age and sex population estimates for various ethnicities for custom tables abtained from MDAT site (link attached) : 

((,004,005,006,007,008,009%29,AGEP_RC1&wt=PWGTP&AGEP_RC1=%7B%22S%22%3A%22Age%20recode%22,%22R%22%3A%22AGEP%22,%22W%22%3A%22PWGTP%22,%22V%22%3A%5B%5B%2235%3A44%22,%22Between%2035%20and%2044%22%5D,%5B%2245%3A54%22,%22Between%2045%20and%2054%22%5D,%5B%2255%3A64%22,%22Between%2055%20and%2064%22%5D,%5B%2265%3A74%22,%22Between%2065%20and%2074%22%5D,%5B%2275%3A84%22,%22Between%2075%20and%2084%22%5D,%5B%2285%3A99%22,%22Between%2085%20and%2099%22%5D%5D%7D ))

Being an early phase research enthusiast, the method of calculating MOE as explained in the ACS webinar ( MOE 2020 Webinar ) pertaining to the same seems a bit complex for me, as it would require me to access VRE tables. 

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