Where are the unweighted sample counts for 2015-2019?

Hello all,

I just noticed that tables B00001 and B00002 have been deleted and replaced by B98001 and B98003. However, the summary files have no data for these tables in the block group & tract sequence files!

According to appendix A, these two tables should be located in sequence file 137. Here's a sample of seqfile 137 for Delaware, showing it has no counts (or any other data from tables B98001 through B98032).

I know that most of those tables in seq 137 are reported for nation, state, and/or county only, but B98001 and B98003 show no such restrictions:

The table shells file shows that these tables are available for 5-year data:

As does the seq number lookup file:

Am I missing something obvious here? We use the block-group sample counts in our circular area profiles application.



  • Hi, Glenn. I agree that this isn't documented very well in the five-year data release (as far as I can tell). The Census Bureau published a user note on this around the release of the one-year estimates in September, and it was previewed in an August blog post. Bottom line: as you noted, the information previously available in tables B00001 and B00002 is now available in tables B98003 and B98001 (respectively) -- but only for the US, states, counties, and places.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!