Covid impacts on 2020 ACS

Has the ACS released recent/updated information about Covid impacts on data collection in 2020?

Has anyone written about the impact of the pandemic on response rates or other data quality issues?

I saw the Webinar on COVID 19 Uses of ACS Data on June 26, 2020, which included a short update on data collection from Donna Daily. At that point, the plan was to resume in-person interviews in late summer. Did this happen?

Is the release date of the 2020 1-year PUMS expected to be the same as in prior years (October 2021) or will there be a delay?

Thanks much for any information!

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  • ACS Data User friends: I don't know what's gotten into me -- weighing in twice in one week (ha ha).

    However, FWIW with respect to Beth's excellent question: There have been comparable situations with suspension of the ACS in the past decade (twice, I think?), due to federal government shutdowns after Congress and the administration failed to agree on appropriations bills. I think the first was in October 2013 or 2014 -- a three-week long shutdown. The Census Bureau requested funding to mitigate the data quality/reliability issues in several subsequent annual budget requests, but Congress didn't go along (shame on them), although I think the bureau eventually "found" resources. And I think the Census Bureau had to suspend the ACS during the 30+ day shutdown from late December 2018 - late January 2019. Main point: there might be lessons learned from those experiences that the Census Bureau is applying to the current COVID-impact situation.

    Terri Ann