How to find neighborhood demographic info

How would i go about finding neighborhood demographics data for the neighborhoods I lived in during 1990 and 2000? I would prefer something more detailed than city data. I want to split the data down to the level of the few surrounding neighborhoods.

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  • Caution: LTDB uses a simplistic area weighting method to allocate historical tract data to 2010 tracts. For a more accurate alternative, in addition to providing the original 1990 and 2000 census data, NHGIS also provides 1990 and 2000 data for 2010 tracts (and for 2010 block groups, ZCTAs, and other areas) in standardized time series tables.

    (LTDB interpolates historical data from whole tracts, requiring lots of error-prone disaggregation. NHGIS interpolates historical data from blocks, which gives exact counts or near-exact in many cases where LTDB's numbers are tract-based estimates.)