Percent Change Between two estimates from non-overlapping ACS 5 Year Surveys

Relative novice as it relates to reviewing/analyzing ACS 5 Year data.

Timely insight needed to create a formula in MS Excel 2016 worksheet to calculate the percent change between two estimates from non-overlapping ACS 5 Year Surveys (2014 vs 2019) that also should consider the margin of error for each estimate. 

The MS Excel 2016 worksheet include the following seven columns;

Confidence Level: 90%

Current Estimate: 79,201
Margin of Error_Current Estimate: 3230
Standard Error_Current Estimate: 1963.53 (Margin of Error_Current Estimate/1.645)

Prior Estimate: 55,055
Margin of Error_Prior Estimate: 2714
Standard Error_Prior Estimate: 1649.85 (Margin of Error_Current Estimate/1.645)

Usually, I will calculate the Percent Change between two numbers as (Current Estimate - Prior Estimate)/Prior Estimate or 44%

But, for this case, it appears that I am dealing more with statistics and sampling. Therefore, it appears that I need to incorporate the standard of errors for each estimate.

In essence, standardizing each estimate prior to calculating a percent change between the two estimates from non-overlapping time periods.

Any insight as to a formula within MS Excel 2016 that will calculate the percent change in such a scenario?

Thanks in advance and have a great day!

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