GQ Population in non-household ACS Measures?

I have a question that should have a very straightforward answer but I cannot find any Census documentation that provides a clear answer.

For ACS measures at the town level, are Group Quarter (GQ) persons (Particularly, those in prisons) included in the counts?

What I know:

By definition, people in Group Quarters are not in households, so for measures like Household Median income, GQs are definitely excluded.

GQ populations are specifically excluded from the count of persons in Poverty.

Using ACS PUMs data, you can specifically exclude GQ persons but only down to the PUMA  geographic level.

For reasons of sampling and privacy, GQ counts at the town level are not available, so I can't simply try and recreate the town sum for a measure using the count of the GQs and the count of households.

I'm fairly certain outside of household measures and poverty, GQ populations are included in ACS counts at the town level. I'm particularly interested in Educational Attainment and Race/ethnicity. If a town had multiple correctional facilities in it's borders, would it's educational attainment and race/ethnicity ACS tables be skewed by the people incarcerated in the town?

Thank you!

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