Variable number/name for Table S2504

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Hopefully I have an easy questions: how do I find the variable name for TableID: S2504 ( I want to get the number of people that live in detached houses versus apartments.



  • If you are looking for them in the Summary File, the Appendices file is a great place to find all the variables. S tables are not included in there, so you have to get the specific table. so B25024 is probably the one you want.

  • That is the one I needed. Thanks JamiRae!

  • JamiRae (or others),

    You answered my question a couple months ago and pointed me to B25024. I am having trouble figuring out if this is variable indicates the total population within each category or the number of structures. The description implies it is structures but my intuition is telling me it is the population. Can you help me out?



  • That's what it seems to indicate but when I look at the totals it seems more like they are populations. For instance, I am interested in multi-family housing so I totaled all the values from each of the sub-variables with the exception of the detached house variable (i.e., 'B25024_002E', 'B25024_003E', 'B25024_004E', 'B25024_005E''B25024_006E', 'B25024_007E', 'B25024_008E', 'B25024_009E', 'B25024_010E', 'B25024_011E') and the totals are often 10-20% of the total population of the tract (see below). I don't think this could possibly be the total number of multifamily housing units. So, it seems that they are actually populations in each type of housing unit?

    GEOID aprtmt_pop? total_pop
    6029000101 2052 12972
    6029000102 1688 7491
    6029000200 1394 11403
    6029000300 1274 5021
    6029000400 1212 4412
    6029000503 1144 6941
    6029000504 1112 7114
    6029000505 1026 5613
    6029000506 1005 8000
    6029000507 981