S0101 extract for ZCTA5 year 2015 (at least, maybe even before) missing selection for "all ZCTA5s in the state"

We use the ACS table extracts for population age and sex at the ZCTA5 level, for state of Texas.

For years 2016-2019, the Census.gov allows, in the Geographic filter applicable to ZCTA5, the ability to one-click select all ZCTA5s in a state.

For 2015 (maybe earlier as well), this one-click option is not seen; therefore, one must select each and every ZCTA5 for the state. Painful, time consuming...

Am I missing something, or can the one-click select all ZCTA5 option be added for 2015 (and before if needed)?

  • This used to be a problem.  (I remember downloading all ZIPs in the US because it was easier to just back out the states I didn't need.)  However, I checked the Advanced Search at data.census.gov and see that the option to select "All ZCTA within Texas" is now the first choice.

  • Thanks for the response! yet, I'm not seeing that option... maybe I'm not getting to / using Advanced Search correctly, Note: I need 2015 data by ZCTA5. So I think I need the S0101 table, the Product: 2015: ACS 5-Year Estimates Subject Tables. Then "customize" for GEO of ZCTA5, State of Texas. But all I see is the long list of ZCTA5s. Are you in same Table and Product, and Year? 

  • Hello, 

    At this point, only the 2019 year can select all ZCTAs by state in data.census.gov - this has not been implemented yet for other data years.
    When the developers fix this for other years, I'll write back in this thread and let you know! We do apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.