Data Suppression 5-Year Estimates

Two questions from reading up on ACS data suppression ( as background for understanding why there might be missing estimates (-666666666) at the block group level in 5-year ACS (2015-2019) data:

(1) The PEP program population threshold of 7,000 seems to apply only to "Selected Population Profiles" -- what is the current terminology for SPPs in the 5-year data? Is it the same thing as the "Selected Population Tables" or perhaps the "Data Profiles"?

(2) The documentation often uses the term "cases" to describe data suppression thresholds. For example (in 2.5.1 Minimum Number of Cases:) "Selected Population Profiles: 50 or more cases in the geographic area."  Does cases refer to the number of observations (whether people or households) that are sampled?