mapping congressional districts to city / town

I am working on mapping the districts to city/town using the census tiger database for 2020. unfortunately, I could not find any relational keys to map the congressional districts to cities/towns.

seeking help.

Thank you.

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  • How do you know the Geocorr results aren't "accurate"? Do you have something to compare it to?

  • Personally I didn't see any accuracy problems, though it took me a few tries to get just the right proportion variables set so I saw what I wanted to see as a proportion: city X is y percent of CD Z by population or area etc. The ones I checked did check out, though I did wonder about a few really tiny population numbers like Joliet IL having 3.05 people in CD 16, but that could be an artifact of many things like parkland or a bit of near-vacant property that gets thrown in