Calculating median household income for PUMA from PUMS files in R


I am currently working on calculating the median household income for a specific PUMA.

I am using the 2017 1-year ACS PUMS for my state (merged person and household files by SERIALNO). Also, I have converted household income dollars to 2017 dollars via the following code:

puma$hinc2017 <- puma$HINCP * (puma$ADJINC / 1000000)

So far, so good. 

Additionally, I've generated a flag variable which identifies householders
puma$hholder <- factor(ifelse(puma$RELP == 0, 1, NA))

Now, I need to calculate the median household income. In Stata, I have seen the code written like this:

sum hinc2017 if hholder==1 [fweight=wgtp], detail
gen hinc2017_all=r(p50)

How is this done in R?

I know there is a median() function within base R, but when I execute the following code, the result returns NA: 


[1] NA

Any advise would be appreciated. 

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