Census data resources for Canada or UK

I realize this is very much off-topic, but I got an unusual question from one of my users and thought someone in this group might have suggestions. 

The question:

I’m wondering if you happen to know of a [census data] source at a similar geo-scale for the UK or Canada.  So far in the UK, I’ve been able to find links for individual topics at localized scale, and I see that the UK has geo-areas about as small as a census tract.  Canada also has small geo areas, but haven’t tried to grab the data yet.   The UK/Britain looks the toughest.

Do you happen to know of any agencies that have consolidated data by geo area in an easily readable form. ....  I ask because I’d like to be able to leverage the models we build on US phenomenon and leverage them to these to other areas where we also have staff and do business. 

Any thoughts or suggestions that I could pass along?


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