Address Mapping


we are working on a project that has a requirement of listing all US entities. 

State -> County -> City/Town/town/village etc.

data downloaded from are Gazetteer files for State, County, CountySub & Places.

we are somewhat lost between county-sub and places. we have identified that places file is our way to go. we still need to be sure that which one is the authentic source to have that requirement completed. 

later we will use ALL_Edge TIGER/Line shapefiles street address mapping with these entities. we are using ArcGIS to transform the TIGER/Line shapefiles to SQL Database. in context to that, a clarification we are looking for is that in the all_edges shapefile it only maps the address at countylevel. how can we further map it to city/town/village... level. is there any identifier that we can use to find the mapping in the same file or any other shape file.

seeking help.