Locating and downloading labor force participation data for mothers in ACS data

I am trying to locate data on labor force participation and educational attainment for women ages 15-50 who have given birth in the past 12 months for as many ACS years as possible.

This data for 2017 was used in this publication, but I cannot locate any data that combines educational attainment and labor force participation.  There are tables that include labor force participation + marital status, and marital status + educational attainment, but not educational attainment + labor force participation. 

Any pointers on locating and downloading this data would be much appreciated.  Or if there is a way anyone could point me to that I could merge the existing tables, that would also be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Georgia, 

    My guess is that they used the Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) file to construct that variable.  I think the closest table for you would be B23008: Age of own children under 18 years in families & subfamilies by living arrangements by employment status of parent. You can get women w/ children under 6, and age 6-17, by whether or not the kids are living with one parent or two, and their labor force participation.


  • Thank you very much for your thoughtful response!  I will give that a try.

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