Household Income to Debt Ratio by Income Levels


I recently got a question about data that shows income to debt ratio.  More specifically, for the bottom 25%.  Ideally at the city level.  The Census Bureau provides some interesting estimates on debt, type of debt by some selected household characteristics but for the whole country (

Has anyone come across a reliable source that provides a similar breakdown by income levels for smaller geos?

Thanks in advance!


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  • Thank you both!

    , this reminds me how expensive it was (and probably still is) to purchase sales and foreclosure data with credit history back during the housing bust in 2008. I also noticed the SIPP tables were not consistently produced.

    , this is a great resource, thanks for sharing it.  Perhaps can be used as a proxy measure to my initial request and help frame/contextualize how debt can play out differently between population groups.

    Thank you again!

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