How do I download DP05 Population Data at the place-county level?


I've downloaded the DP05 population estimates filtered for place, using the ACS 5-yr estimates. As I was cleaning the data (Stata 17.0) and getting ready to merge it with the census FIPS codes, I noticed that the geoids do not indicate which county the place is associated with. There are places that are associated with 2 or more counties; for example Arab city, AL is part of Cullman County and Marshall County. When I reference back to the DP05 table, it does not distinguish the county, therefore I can't merge the two datasets. 

So here's my question:

Is it possible for me to download ACS 5-yr population estimates at the place-county level or can I only download them at the place level?

Very respectfully,


  • There may be some room for trickery like "request the data for Cullman County, AL with breakdown by place" but then you'd need to download 3K datasets for each individual county. (I would do this via API, and in Stata 17, I would do this through Python as it has the more obvious tools to convert the JSON objects into pandas.dataframe).

  • Thank you, Stas! I think I found what I was looking for. I selected geography by summary level and found that summary level 155 is what I'm looking for. However, there is no button for me to download all (by state). Do you know how to do that by any chance?

    I mainly have Stata experience. Unfortunately no Python but maybe I'll learn it in the future!