New version of Geocorr available with 2020 geographies

I know this isn't strictly ACS-related, but I just wanted to let everyone know we have a new version of our popular Geocorr application available at the MCDC website. The new version uses vintage 2020 census geographies. 

Geocorr (for geographic correspondence engine) creates geographic correspondence files (crosswalk files, correlation lists, whatever you like to call them) for dozens of geographic layers for the United States. This version -- I'm calling it 2022 -- includes the following geography types for all states, DC, and PR (where applicable):

  • nation (aka “Entire universe”)
  • states
  • counties
  • minor civil divisions (MCDs; includes townships and other county subdivisions)
  • tracts
  • block groups
  • blocks
  • places (towns, villages, cities, etc.) and census-designated places (CDPs)
  • core-based statistical areas (CBSAs; includes metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas)
  • upper- and lower-chamber state legislative districts
  • Congressional districts (116th Congress)
  • ZCTAs (ZIP codes)
  • NECTAs and NECTA divisions
  • elementary, secondary, and unified school districts
  • “best” school districts and types
  • county and place size categories
  • hospital service areas and referral regions

In addition, Geocorr 2022 includes the following regions for the state of Missouri only:

  • Regional Planning Commissions
  • University of Missouri Extension regions
  • MO Dept. of Economic Development (MERIC) regions
  • MO Dept. of Transportation districts
  • MO Area Agencies on Aging
  • MO BRFSS regions

I'll add other geography types as they become available.

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