Detailed 2020 Census data on a neighborhood level


Do you know if its possible to locate detailed census data on a neighborhood or census tract level for the 2020 census? I want to find data like gender, age, and race for each neighborhood in a city. If there is more data like married vs not married people too that would be helpful

  • Unfortunately they have not been released yet. See this page:

  • You can get small area demographic estimates from American Community Survey 2020 5-year estimates.

    However, these estimates are not based on Census 2020 numbers, the 2020 ACS estimates are based on Census Bureau's 2020 population estimates that were released before Census 2020 results were processed and published.

    Data about married vs unmarried will not be available from Census 2020, they will only be available through ACS estimates.

    You can query the data using CB's data finder tool -

    Be aware that it is not an easy to navigate tool:)

  • The only major data release from the 2020 census so far is the Redistricting Data, which includes data for small areas, including tracts, block groups, and blocks. This release doesn't include any data on sex, detailed age groups, or household relationships (like marriage), but it does provide a breakdown of all combinations of major race categories and Hispanic Origin, as well as group quarters type.

    Note that the Bureau has implemented a new privacy protection strategy that adds substantial errors to data in a way that makes small counts unreliable. It's not clear yet what types of block-level analysis would be reliable, but it seems that tract data should be adequately reliable for most purposes.

    Just yesterday, the Bureau announced that the next release of 2020 census data, covering sex, age, etc., won't be until May 2023.

    Besides, another free source of both 2020 Redistricting Data and the 2020 5-Year ACS Data is IPUMS NHGIS. At this time, the NHGIS site provides tract data only in nationwide files--not limited to specific cities/counties, etc.--but many users find it easier to select and download data through NHGIS than