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Hello folks, 

I'm working on a project where I'm trying to build a median income estimate for a larger, non-census defined area. We're essentially aggregating municipalities (county subdivisions), into a larger umbrella geography that is not defined by the census bureau (so not a county, msa or things like that). I am wary of using a PUMA to County Subdivision crosswalk because I am not quite sure how that would work with higher income municipalities next to lower-income ones.

Would anyone happen to know a good way of aggregating up to median income for this different kind of geography? Whether through an R script or some other tool? Would love any ideas on how to tackle this. 



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  • Hi , would it be possible to share these files with me as well? I'm working on a project that requires similar aggregations for a number of ACS tables and median income is one of them. Thanks…

  • Hi Peter -

    Not sure if I'm reading your post correctly, but if you're trying to calculate the median income for an aggregated area, you can use the income band ranges to calculate. I wrote a Python script that does it but also have an Excel worksheet. Is that what you're trying to do? I can provide the script and/or excel spreadsheet for examples if that would be helpful.


  • Hi Jami, 

    Yes that is exactly what I am trying to do. I figured the income bands would play a role, I've used them in a different tool in the past. I would love to see your code/excel sheet if you would be able to forward it along. I can be reached here!

  • Okay, great. sent it to you via email - hopefully the attachments don't send it to your spam folder.

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