shapefiles for 118th CDs, current SLDs

Hello all. This isn't ACS-related but I thought it might be useful for some. I've compiled the state-level shapefiles for the new congressional districts, along with all state legislative districts, into three national-level shapefiles. The source is the American Redistricting Project

I contacted the Bureau and they won't be releasing 118th CD and 2022 SLDs in their cartographic boundary files until April or May of next year, although I suppose they will be in the Tiger/Line files released this October. In the meantime, feel free to use my versions, as long as it's understood that these are not official Bureau releases.

Available here.

(Edited to update link)

  • This is cool, Glenn.  Thanks.

    Do you know if/when the Bureau plans to release Block Equivalency Files for the 118th Congress (ala 116th Congress Block Equivalency Files (

    Also, I assume you have plans to add support for the 118th Congress to GeoCorr.  Any ETA?

  • I can't speak to the Block Equivalency Files, but when I asked the Geography guys about the Block Allocation Files -- which seem to me to be the same thing -- they replied:

    There are no plans to release BAFs for the 118th Congress or 2022 SLDs. The BAFs are only created for the decennial release.

    EDIT: Looks like the BEFs are a product of the RDO, not the Geography division. I've sent an email to RDO asking about the BEFs.

    As for Geocorr, it'll be updated this summer. I'm a one-person shop over here, and believe it or not, MCDC isn't my only gig.

  • OK, the RDO office says:

    We do intend to publish these materials [BEFs] for the 118th Congress and for the 2022 state legislative districts.  However, we do not expect to publish these materials until December of this year at the earliest.  We are currently still collecting and verifying the plans from the states through their official liaisons to the Redistricting Data Program.

    So there you go.

  • Well sir, I can report that provisional 118th CDs and 2022 state LDs are now included in Geocorr.

    I say "provisional", because I derived these geographies from state redistricting shapefiles and not "official" Census Bureau shapefiles or block lists, which won't be available until late this year at the soonest. I'll validate and correct Geocorr if necessary when those products drop.