Can anyone direct me to the ACS county-level data about persons living alone and (household or persons') phone ownership?

Hi, I am searching for the 2014-2018 5-year ACS data at county level. I specifically look for two indicators: Persons living alone (%) and Households with telephone service available (%), or phone ownership among all people (%). I find the Table B09019 tells persons living alone by gender. However, I did not find the county-level data for persons living alone across the US. I also did not find the data for phone ownership (general phone, not smart phone specified). Can you please direct me to those datasets? Thank you in advance.

  • ACS Question 7 2018

    Does this house, apartment, or mobile
    home have– Yes No

    a. hot and cold running water?
    b. a bathtub or shower?
    c. a sink with a faucet?
    d. a stove or range?
    e. a refrigerator?
    f. telephone service from
    which you can both make
    and receive calls? Include
    cell phones


    This table available down to the census tract geography.  You will need to combine the owner v renter categories. 

    If you want the MoE of the resulting estimate (Margin of Error "error bars" )  you can look at this presentation

  • Additional comment.  If you want people living alone with/without a phone you will need to use the PUMS (microdata) file.  PUMS files don't go down to the county level only to the PUMA level (public use microdata area) These have to be at least 100,000 persons. Smaller counties need to be combined to get a PUMA.

  • Hi David, thank you for the information. I appreciate it!