Are AHS Table creator estimates raw estimates or weighted?


I was using the creator to get a table showing the age structures were built for the top 15 metro areas ("Year Built" under "Structural" variable) for 2019. 

I wanted to see if anyone could tell me whether the estimates of the number of structures built in year "x" are raw estimates from the public use data, or if there were any sort of weights used in creating the summary tables.

For example, (after cleaning the data), here's a row of estimates for Boston of the number of structures built in each year range.

Total 2018-2019 2016-2017 2010-2015 2000-2009 1990-1999 1980-1989 1970-1979 1960-1969 1950-1959 1940-1949 1939 or earlier
Boston 1884.2 NA 26 61.4 136.4 104.3 181.9 189.4 193.5 204.4 94.3 672.1

What is the correct way to interpret the estimate for say, the 136.4 buildings reported being built in 2000-2009? Is it simply the number of responses of "2000" under the YRBUILT question in the survey? Also, does 136.4 mean 136.4 structures? Or does it mean something like 13640 structures? 

I hope my questions make sense. Thank you very much for any and all input.