"Race alone" clarification in ACS

Hi everyone,

After looking at the 2020 ACS 5-Year Estimates Subject Tables, I was a bit confused by the "Race and Hispanic or Latino Origin" section. Specifically, I'm unsure of the differences between "White alone" and "White alone, not Hispanic or Latino." I found this statement in the Subject Definitions PDF for ACS:

"The concept “race alone” includes people who reported a single entry (e.g., Korean) and no other race, as well as people who reported two or more entries within the same major race group (e.g., Asian). For example, respondents who reported Korean and Vietnamese are part of the larger “Asian alone” race group."

My basic understanding of this is that "White alone" may include people who identify as Hispanic or Latino, but just wanted to pose the question in case there is something else I may be missing.


  • I think you’re correct. Hispanic is not a race so White alone would include many Hispanics. The usual way to define “minority” population is to subtract White, non-Hispanic population so that’s an important measure. For other races I use alone or in combination numbers so as to be as inclusive as possible.