• Covid impacts on 2020 ACS

    Has the ACS released recent/updated information about Covid impacts on data collection in 2020?

    Has anyone written about the impact of the pandemic on response rates or other data quality issues?

    I saw the Webinar on COVID 19 Uses of ACS Data on June 26…

  • Reminder: Survey on ACS Applications Related to COVID-19

    Reminder: Survey on ACS Applications Related to COVID-19

    Dear ACS data user:

    Have you used (or are you planning to use) ACS data to study the potential social, economic, health, housing, or demographic effects of COVID-19?

    Please let us know. This information…

  • Effect of Covid-19 College Shutdowns on 2020 Census University Group Quarters Counts

    Please excuse the off-topic post.  Has been any news about how the Census Bureau plans to handle the effect of the Covid-19 college shutdowns on group quarters enumeration for the 2020 Census?  This strikes me a big issue for communities like mine (Cambridge…

  • ACS commuting flows for 2020?

    Anyone know when (or if) the 2020 ACS commuting flows data will be released?


    Or did covid mess this one up, too? Any idea,  ?


  • RE: census block group has zero occupied housing units but positive population

    Ah, I did not see the bit about UCLA. In our college town, the dorms were closed on April 1 due to covid.

  • 2021 Stimulus checks included in Income data?

    Would the stimulus checks and the advanced child tax credits that were issued in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic be included in the income data reported in the 2021 1-year ACS estimates? The 2021 ACS dictionary lists 8 types of income, with the last…

  • RE: Zip code labels list

    I also appreciated the zip code file. we are getting covid data by zip.
  • RE: MOE for Population Density?

    Hi Rebecca,

    Here's what I did recently in collaboration with Census for their COVID-19 Hub site, basically treated the land area value as a constant:

    B01001_calc_PopDensity = 1,000,000 * B01001_001E / ALAND

    MOE(B01001_calc_PopDensity) = 1,000…
  • ACS Income Inequality Data Tables for 2020

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering whether ACS data on inequality measures such as the Gini coefficient, median income by quintiles for counties with +65,000 inhabitants will be published for 2020. I could not find anything in the experimental data release…

  • ACS Blog Series

    The Census Bureau released its first blog in the American Community Survey Blog Series, Adapting the American Community Survey Amid COVID-19.  In this series, Census Bureau experts will discuss how the pandemic affected data collection for the American…