ACS commuting flows for 2020?

Anyone know when (or if) the 2020 ACS commuting flows data will be released?

Or did covid mess this one up, too? Any idea,  ?


  • Good question. I don't know when (OR EVEN IF) the Census Bureau will produce/release the five-year county-to-county commute flow database. They (Census Bureau / Journey-to-Work & Migration Statistics Branch) produce this to support the OMB definition of metropolitan areas.

    I would love to see this as an annual product (5-year, county-to-county, workers by means of transportation), but I'm not in charge!

    I believe Brian McKenzie is still the Branch Chief for the Journey-to-Work Branch at the Census Bureau. Maybe Census Bureau folks on here can respond?

  • Some news on this front.

    I contacted Brian McKenzie (thanks ), and he replied that the ACS 2016-2020 county commuting flows should be released this summer. They'll be associated with the new metropolitan and micropolitan area definitions.

  • This is good news. It's a very useful database for transportation planners and others!!

    I think the challenge will be how to use the single-year ACS data, 2016 through 2020, in combination with the five-year 2016-2020, to simulate a full set of flows for each single year: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 AND 2021.

    2020 will be most problemsome given it's only available as a dataset with experimental weights.

  • Any idea if/when the New England city and town data will be available?