• Rural/small business case studies using ACS data?

    Hi everyone,

    PRB and the Census Bureau are looking for ACS-based applications, or case studies, from two data user communities:

    1. Rural decisionmakers or planners
    2. Small business or franchise owners

    This is for a new product that will demonstrate the…

  • RE: Is there a table for business-data-by-census-tract in ACS?

    I used to work with Globaldatabase when I needed information about certain companies. They've met all my requirements regarding data relevance to my product including credit score, revenue, annual financial statements, and b2b data companies. Apart…

  • Business Establishments

    Where can I find the number of business establishments at the census tract level?

  • Business Formation Rates By County

    Does anyone know where I can find information on business formation rate stats?  Specifically by county level. 

  • RE: List of census tracts associated with Central Business Districts (CBD)

    Hi Kathy - apologies for missing this until now and thanks for your response! The Brookings paper dataset looks very useful even if for only the top 100 metros. In fact, having a list of zip codes with distance to CBD is exactly what I am trying to construct…

  • Researching businesses in the St. Louis, MO area

    I apologize in advance if this a dumb question.  

    I am doing some research of 4 specific areas in St. Louis, specifically Florissant, Spanish Lake, Black Jack and Hazelwood.  Spanish Lake and Black Jack are considered an unincorporated part of St. Louis…

  • RE: Seeking Help! finding data regarding number of businesses and number of employees by census tract

    What you are looking for is the number of workers by workplace geography. This is only available down to the place level (at least in New England); it is not available at the tract level anywhere via the ACS itself. To find this type of information…
  • No new ZCTAs for 2020 ACS?

    I've been busy setting up the new set of geographies from the 2020 ACS and found that this year's set of ZCTAs is exactly the same as last year.
    32989 and they are all the same.

    I know there have been a number of new zip codes created in the last…

  • Firms vs. Establishments


    I am currently working on a project where I am trying to measure the number of businesses in a certain city/ county. On the American FactFinder website, the Survey of Business Owners and the Business Patterns data seem to have what I am looking for…

  • RE: Visualizing PUMS Race and Ethnicity Housing Data Together

    I think you’re absolutely right — Hispanic is not a race and we have no business treating it like one just to make everything sum to 100% for a pie chart. I include Hispanics and combinations in each race group (except White alone, non Hispanic which…