Data Profile (DP02) ZCTA Data

Good Morning ~ Has there been a change or a new access process to the 2018 5 year estimate ZTCA data this week in the Data Profiles ?  On Monday I could pull in ZCTA data and since Tuesday I have not been able to do so and get a message that says "No Results Found" even on zips that previously showed data.  

Thank you in Advance for your Help,


  • Hi Terie,

    When you search for a ZCTA, the dropdown menu shows results for both ZCTAs and ZIP codes:

    Is it possible you clicked on the ZIP code instead of the ZCTA? There isn't ACS data for ZIP codes (which are not technically areal units, just a collection of mail delivery locations), but there is for ZCTAs (which are made to approximate ZIP codes).

    By the way, I don't know why it shows the same ZCTA twice. That makes me suspicious that one of them might work and the other might not for a given ACS year.


  • Make sure you are using ADVANCED SEARCH when looking for this. Also, select the YEAR first before looking for your GEOGRAPHY. You will then have an easier time in retrieving data.