Digital Connectivity

I would like to gather data on digital connectivity in some specific areas of Kansas City.  Ideally, by zip code, but so far the most granular I have been able to get is by county.  Is there something else available that might get me this information at the zip code level or something more granular?  The categories below or something similar would be ideal.  Basically, we are looking to obtain data in the lower income communities.  When I pull it by county, it's not providing the true picture for these communities.

Households with a Computer

Households with a Broadband Internet Subscription

  • Try census tract or block group. Much better than zip codes. Zip codes are created to deliver mail not for statistics. I worked on a study in Forsyth County, North Carolina using block group data. it's not published yet, but some of the early maps and data are shown in this presentation  So you can see some of the data available. The full report is at the printer so if you're interested it will be on this website hopefully in the next week or two. But you may find other examples in the plans listed on the website here.

  • Thank you.  I see Kansas City, MO is in the list.  Hopefully that same list will be updated in the next week or two also.  

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