• RE: How to find zip code-level median household income?

    Me personally? I just use the ZCTAs a zip codes. 

  • RE: Combining Zip Code Data


    Yes, you can combine ACS estimates on the foreign-born for two or more ZIP Code Tabulation Areas ( ZCTAs). Just note that ZCTA boundaries do not line up exactly with USPS ZIP codes, as described here:


  • How to find correct education attainment information by zip-code

    Hi all,

    I would like to find education attainment information by zip-code nationwide via American Community Survey.

    Since I am super new to the data, I wish to gain your perspective for two specific questions.

    Using year 2016 as an example, the data file…

  • RE: How to connect Zip code to ethnicity

    Thank you for your quick reply, Tim. Really appreciated!

  • RE: 2020 Census Data by Zip Code

    Any idea what source they use for ZIP Code boundaries? This is pretty important, since there is no authoritative map of ZIP Codes (there is no USPS map of ZIP Codes). Various third-party entities have used information from USPS to create their own ZIP…

  • RE: Zip Code Median Income Data

    @Glenn Rice Thanks you so much for sharing below URL for Median Income Data by Zip code. Link works from 2011 to 2019. Is there any way to get latest data for 2020 please ? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks ! 

  • unemployment data by zip code and by race?

    I have found the unemployment data by zip code but it doesn't seem to be available also by race when pulled at the zip code level.  There are 9 zip codes I'm trying to find this information for.  Am I missing something?

    64109, 64110, 64124, 64127…

  • Property tax data? By Zip code?

    Dear All,

    Relatively new to the ACS but have managed to pull a few key variables I need at the zip code level from the API. One variable I have not been able to access, however, has been property tax payments --- the IPUMS variable PROPTX99. Can anyone…

  • household income by county or zip code broken down by race

    I am trying to get household income at the county and zip code level broken down by race.  I'm only finding household income from Table DP03.  Is what I'm seeking available?

  • RE: Zip code/Zip code tabulation area crosswalk

    thanks again for your suggestion. I went through that website and compared the ZCTA list with those zip codes and you were right. Most of the missing ZCTAs were for PO Boxes and Unique zip codes. Thanks again!!