Income based on vehicle ownership?

Hi team: long-time viewer, first time poster. I've been scratching my head about this one all day - I'm simply looking to find a table (or some method) that would allow me to calculate the median household income for a given geography (preferably counties) by vehicle ownership. I've spent at least an hour running through different ACS tables, with no luck. Is this something I'll have to use PUMS for instead? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  • You need to use a PUMS file  The vehicle question (household section of the ACS survey form) is #12 How many automobiles, vans, and trucks of one-ton capacity or less are kept at home for use by members of this household?  Split the PUMS data  by using None v one or more. Then use the household income variable to compute median income. If you want to leverage the PUMS results use the household income distribution split by vehicle "ownership" add in covariates that might affect vehicle ownership. Use the resulting multi-way cross tabulation with small area estimation to get other geographies.

  • Mo--

    If you don't mind using old ACS data, from 5+ years ago?, then try the CTPP database. 
    Yes, CTPP is a thing that still exists.  And it has many crosstabs that include number of vehicles possessed by household. 

    Possibly the crosstabs you want are

    A112214 - Vehicles available (6) by Household income in the past 12 months (2016 $) (9) (Households) - Large Geos Only  


    A112306 - Household size (5) by Vehicles available (5) by Household income in the past 12 months (2016 $) (9) (Households)  

    Good luck. 

  • Apologies. Hit send too fast. 

    more CTPP tables:

    B112205 - Mean Household income in the past 12 months (2016$) (1) by Vehicles available (6) (Households) - Large Geos Only  or 

    B112207 - Median Household income in the past 12 months (2016$) (1) by Vehicles available (6) (Households) - Large Geos Only 

    That's probably what you want.

  • Mo:

    The answer is to use the PUMS. The best way to do this (IMHO) is by using the IPUMS USA (  at the University of Minnesota. It's free to register. This is the fastest/best/amazing way to access PUMS data (IPUMS is pronounced eh-pums).

    I did a tabulation on median household income by vehicle availability level for the NATION using the 2019 ACS. It took a few seconds to run. Honestly.

    Go to

    Go to the IPUMS USA sub-site  register for free, of course!!

    Click the link to "Online Tool for Analysis" (This is the Survey Data Analysis package developed at UC Berkeley)

    Click on "Use data from a single sample" -  I chose the "2019 ACS"

    Click on the "Means" tab on the right side of the SDA analysis page.

    Fill in the forms:

    DEPENDENT: HHINCOME (The variable that I want means and medians!)

    row variable: vehicles(r:9 "No Vehicles"; 1 "One Vehicle"; 2 "Two Vehicles"; 3-8 "Three of More Vehicles") - this is my recode for the VEHICLES variable.

    selection filter(s): pernum(1) (this restricts the analysis to the 1st person in each household, the householder)

    weight: hhwgt - household weight

    Click ON the checkboxes for the "median/percentile" options

    Run it. Wait a few seconds for a new browser tab to appear!

    To limit your analysis to your state, region, county, I would either use counties in the column variable, or state/counties in the "selection filter" box. Here's an example of filtering by counties for the SF Bay Area.

    for column variable: countyfip(r: 1 "Alameda"; 13 "Contra Costa"; 41 "Marin"; 55 "Napa"; 75 "San Francisco"; 81 "San Mateo"; 85 "Santa Clara"; 95 "Solano"; 97 "Sonoma")

    and restrict it to California households: selection filter(s): pernum(1),statefip(6)

    Wish I could post screenshots!

    Results for the USA:

    0 vehicle households: $22,000 median HH income; $46,213.81 mean household income, 10,575,965 total households.

    1 vehicle households: $40,100 median; $58,690.40 mean; 39,803,758 households

    2 vehicle households: $80,000 median; $106,236.20 mean; 45,268,831 households

    3+ vehicle households: $104,000 median; $132,347.06 mean; 27,154,350 households

    TOTAL households: $62,930 median HH income; $91,429.77 mean household income; 122,802,904 total households.

    Hope I didn't screw it up.