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  • Hello,

    Will some of the background mechanics of the site change?  For example, using the "CEDSCI Deep Link Tutorial" as a source, I have written many links on our webpage that take users to a specific table and geography on  Will these deep links be maintained?

    Have you fixed stupid interface things, like giving users the ability to move and resize the geo selection window?  This is one of my pet peeves, as I am unable to move this window to access all of the options in this window.



  • Stll wish you would have kept AFF

  • Agreed. AFF was much more useful. This has cut us off from a lot of functionality

  • Good morning Adam, the new look and feel coming out later this month will not have any impact on the deep links.  Also, I'm interested in the idea of resizing the geo selection window.  Are you referring to the panel that opens, for example, when you go to the Advanced Search and click on the Geography button along the left?  Or did you have in mind a panel found elsewhere on the site?  If you can give me a little more on what you were thinking, I can certainly suggest it to our developers for future consideration.

  • Good morning Eric and Tim.  We know that is still a work in progress.  If there's functionality that you miss the most, please let us know about it and we can always suggest it to our developers for future consideration.  Hearing from customers goes a long way in helping us determine where we should focus our efforts.  If you'd like to provide your suggestions via a different format, you can always send us an email at

  • Thanks Barne415.  One quick suggestion would be to either eliminate this search criteria pictured below or to include a catch all "from any profile or table" or similar. Or perhaps let the user select multiple (all) sources as it only allows a single selection.   Even as an experienced user I don't always know which to select because I don't need to know this at the end of the day.  I cannot imagine how a novice census data seeker would guess as to which to select.  I'll take your advice and send others to the e-mail adress you supplied.  Thanks

  • I don't know that getting rid of these choices is the right way to go. That said, making the choice more intuitive is not a bad idea. It's always good to know exactly from which source your data originated.

  • Attached is the geo window on my screen.  As you can see, the window displays the first row of buttons and some of the second row buttons.  This window cannot be moved or resized to show the third row of buttons and the "All Geographies list.   My users give up when they can't see the options this window provides. I get questions like, "Where can I find tract data?"

    Ideally, this window should be draggable and resizable.  (Yes, there is a slider on the window, but the contrast is insufficient and some users cannot see it at all). TIA

  • Adding a "from any profile or table" choice would be near the top of my list of asks if not at the top.  Without this you must make multiple searches within the same source for all the tables of interest.


  • I would vote to do this similar to Amazon, where all available filters are expanded on the left side of the screen, so not buried under groupings like does right now.  

  • Thank you all for providing this feedback! We'll be sure to pass these comments along to our site developers for further review. If you have any other feedback on the site, or if you need guidance on accessing, our Microdata Access Tool, or the Census API, please reach out to